My music is somewhat scattered about various collections on bandcamp, as well as my own Soundcloud account - such is the nature of fan-music.

My work under the project Nasqueron is located at This currently consists of two albums, I Am Writing Myself A Dream In A Letter (2019), and Exceptis Excipiendis (2020).

My Soundcloud account is located at; the music here is a mix of some of my earlier work, an assortment of my favourite of my more recent fanmusic works and song covers.

I created the album Empyreal Rhapsody and made contributions to Vast Error Vol. 1, Vast Error Vol 2, Vast Error Vol 3, Catch 322, Dead Shufflers: Anything Goes, and Corporate Holiday Hits, soundtrack albums for the webcomic Vast Error.

I've also made contributions to Redditstuck Volumes One, Two, and Three, soundtrack albums for the webcomic Redditstuck.

In addition some of my tracks are featured on various releases by the MS Paint Adventures fan-music group UMSPAF, namely Weird Puzzle Tunes, Lands of Fans and Music 4, Xenoplanetarium, Cosmic Caretakers and Diverging Delicacies.